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Stephanie Brick, Assoc. AIA, WELL AP, LEED GA

United States Design Patent #8,662,326 B2 - A remarkably innovative and elegant modular shelving unit, specifically designed for ease of transport and assembly with its self-sustaining construction and knock-down assembly.

Stephanie's passion for creating designs that fit their context and respond to client needs, wants, and budget - versus a signature style - has earned her the admiration of both clients and colleagues. Her ability to bring innovative ideas to a problem has directly resulted in a client satisfaction rate nearly double the national average. Stephanie takes pride in her work and has designed and presented over 300,000 sf of private residential interiors.

With a strong background in architectural design and project management, Stephanie constantly strives to create work that meets or exceeds client expectations. Her focus is rooted in the understanding that design excellence stems from a synthesis of architectural and interior design: A building can have well designed architecture or well designed interiors but will only reach its fullest potential when the two are designed in sync.

Stephanie's passion for architecture goes hand-in-hand with her passion for photography. Her formal education and fine eye for detail and line have strongly shaped her perspective as an architectural photographer. As a travel photographer, Stephanie has been to over 50 cities in 18 countries on 4 continents, and she relishes sharing the essence of each new experience with others through her lens.

Since having earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2010 from the Pennsylvania State University, with minor concentrations in International Arts and Italian, Stephanie continues to travel and pursue design in both two and three dimensions. In her spare time, she is a regular and nationally syndicated author with The Washington Post, and she volunteers teaching elementary school students about architecture in Fairfax and Montgomery Counties. Continuing education in design, psychology, and sustainability has been among Stephanie's interests since graduating from the academic world.


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