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Stephanie Brick, lead designer at Stephanie Brick Design, has been recognized for her outstanding photography in numerous competitions, publications, and professional endeavors. Recent honors include a six photograph spread including cover contribution to the journal Forensic Examiner (corporate photography) and winner of the People's Choice Award and Second Place overall in the North Shore Beach Photo Contest (event photography). Stephanie's photography has been published and reproduced in print (book, magazine, newspaper) and online.

Stephanie's passion for photography developed out of her passion for architecture, nature, and travel. With her five-year, professional degree in architecture, Stephanie's formal education and fine eye for detail and line have strongly shaped her perspective as an architectural photographer. As a travel photographer, Stephanie has been to over 50 cities in 16 countries on 4 continents, and she relishes sharing the essence of each new experience with others through photography. She continues to travel and pursue experiential design in both two and three dimensions since having graduated.

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