Website Design Services

With an established portfolio of small businesses and individual clients, Stephanie Brick Design offers basic custom website design catered to your personal or business's needs. Websites are designed to project a professional online image and promote yourself, products, or services by enhancing your company's online presence.

Stephanie Brick Design will create your brand new website from scratch or redesign your existing/outdated website, and is happy to work with you to realize your personal vision for your site or to originate a design for you. Every site design is unique and custom created for each client. Please Contact Stephanie Brick Design for more information and pricing details.

Below is a selection of websites recently designed by Stephanie Brick Design:

An online presence for suburban chic style

Original site photography by Stephanie Brick Design

A fresh & hip website for a gifts & home decor store

Original site photography by Stephanie Brick Design

A scientific reference and training website

An artful gallery of personal images

A community site for creative imaging and education

A dynamic showcase of art, design, and services

(recently redesigned)



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